Do clients contact Current Casting?

No, all clients looking to book talent contact your agent. Current Casting takes no commissions or percentage when you are booked.

What if I need to change my agent or my stats, special skills or personal information?

Send an email with the information and we will update your profile. For representation changes please include: Full Agency Name, Agent’s Name, Agent’s Email and Phone Number, and what type of representation they provide for you.

What should I bring to my photo shoot?

For the main casting you should arrive camera ready in upscale casual clothes. There is a full length image in the casting, so your shoes will show! Please bring extra outfits, better more than not enough! You will need a different outfit for your video or alternate looks, depending on what session you are scheduled for.

How long are the photo shoots?

Your photo shoot will typically last about 45 minutes.

Can anyone use the Current Casting site?

Yes, and your details page and portfolio page can be sent to anyone directly by sending them the URL to that page. You and your agents can simply copy and paste the URL into an email. Clients that have accounts see all of your agents information, and have personal favorites folders and the ability to share choices with others while working on a project. All of your different agents and managers can use the site, clients will contact the appropriate agent for the type of project they are working on.

Should I worry I’m not near the top of the casting when it opens?

Clients will have a specific look, age or type they need for their project and will use the search feature and view Talent and you when you match what they are looking for!

How do I know when it is time to come for another update?

After each session, the date over your images on your details page will change to that day. Mark your calendar and call us in four months for your next session. (Updates are three times a year, every four months.)

Can I use an image of myself from the Current Casting website?

Yes, you may screenshot or download and use any digital image on your own personal website, social media or on your agent’s website. In addition, you or your agent can use any image, independent of the website to directly communicate with clients.

Can I post the images or video produced by Current Casting on any other casting or profile websites?

No, all images produced by Current Casting are proprietary to the Current Casting website only.

What if I like an image and want a larger version of it to make a print?

Any Full resolution image of yourself can be purchased by sending an email to [email protected] (Please send a screenshot of the image or images, along with your credit card information. A receipt and the images will be sent to you electronically). Images are processed out as large digital files, suitable for printing (Approximately 9x12 @ 300dpi) in (.jpg format) and (Adobe 1998 color space). Large Digital File $50.00 / Retouched Digital File $75.00 With this digital file you can produce prints for personal promotion. Images cannot be used commercially without express written consent from Current Casting. All images are copyrighted Current Casting.

Will you make a print of the image for me?

At this time we do not offer any print services, only the larger resolution digital file that is designed for printing. All digital files purchased are processed and color balanced to industry standards. All further reproduction, printing or any other use of the digital file is not supported at this time by Current Casting.