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Talent Login to Personal Portfolio
Posting or Sending your Profile
Using a Digital Image from your Profile
Ordering an Image for Printing
Representation, Skills or Spec Changes
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Wardrobe Suggestions and Directions are included in all Confirmations.

An email confirmation will be sent to you with all Appointment details and a reminder will also be sent 48 hours before your scheduled time.

Talent Login to Personal Portfolio

(The Client Signup and Login buttons at the top of the
website are for Clients who are looking for Talent)

For Talent Portfolio Login: 

Click on Look for Talent 

Use your Name to Search for your Profile

Choose View Profile from any of your thumbnail images

Choose View Talent's Portfolio, directly under your Video

Click on Talent Login (on the right side of page, in the grey bar)

Enter your Ten-Digit Passcode

Your Portfolio is Unlimited with both Still and Video Formats!

Videos must be posted on YouTube or Vimeo first.
Bring up the video to play and then Copy the entire URL (page link) from your browser and paste the link in the "Add Video" module in your Portfolio edit page.

Post your Resume in PDF Format.

Add Links to other sites featuring you, such as IMDb

Write a brief description for the header of your Portfolio Page

Let every Client see your entire Portfolio of past work and videos!

Posting or Sending your Profile

One Link to Everything!

Your Agents can send your entire Profile to anyone! and so can you!

Navigate to your Main Profile Page.

(Main Profile Page shows the Five Main Casting Images, Your Personality Video and your Additional Images.)

Copy the URL (web address) from your browser window.

Send this link in an email and the recipient will go directly to your complete Profile! 

Example Link: /Member#/First Name

Post this link wherever you like and with just a click your full profile and all of your past work is viewable! Post on email signatures, social media and other resources that promote you!

Current Casting Profile /Member#/First Name  

Make sure all your Agents know they can deliver your complete profile to any Client, immediately showing them your current looks and full casting profile as well as ALL of your past work!

Using a Digital Image from your Profile

Digital Images from your profile can be used seperately from the website by Agents to communicate directly with Clients or for any Personal Promotion!

Use Images however you like to promote yourself!

Agents can send your entire profile or just individual images, using their own custom presentation.


To use a Digital Image from your Profile:

First click on any image to make it larger!

MAC  (Control key + Click on Large Image and choose "Save As")

PC  (Right Click on the Large Image and choose "Save As")

(Non-Commercial Use, All Images © Current Casting).

Ordering an Image for Printing

Complementary for our Members

If you like an image from your Profile it can be enlarged for you to make a print!

Simple take a screenshot of the image and email it to us.

Send request to:

Images are enlarged to 8" x 10" and will be sent to you electronically

Images will look as they appear in your profile. If you require additional retouching, we offer it on a per image basis and discounted for our members or you can use your own resource.

(We take great care with every image but cannot be responsible for your printers final color and adjustments, always order a test pring before making large orders.)

Representation, Skills or Spec Changes

Send all changes to:

We need the following information for each of your Reps.

Agency Name
Bookers Name
Bookers Email and Phone Number 
What type of Representation they provide you

Example: Commercial or Print....

We are here to help if you need anything!
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