A Complete Online Profile
Benefits for Talent
An Unlimited Personal Portfolio
Be Connected Anytime, Anywhere
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A Complete Online Profile

An Online Casting and Complete Talent Profile Available to All Industry Professionals!

All Clients looking for Talent have immediate access to the casting and your individual profile can be sent directly to anyone.

The most important information needed when booking talent is now always available online providing all Clients casting images showing how you currently look along with a full profile and all of your past work too!

It's no longer just the Local traditional castings you attend for one specific Client.
It's a full casting profile online -- always current and available to Client's everywhere.

Current Casting allows all Clients to view or receive a complete and current profile of you at anytime, in a professional interface designed to provide all the information needed to select Talent online with total confidence.

Experience the difference of being included in a professional casting that is always there, always current and ready for Clients to view at any time. 

Benefits for Talent


New Casting Images so your profile is current!

Additional Images that complement the casting and showcase your different looks.

A Video Casting showing your personality.

An UNLIMITED Personal Portfolio for past work, with both still and video formats. Controlled from your own computer - add and change content whenever you like with no additional cost.

 All Industry Professionals have full access and can view your complete profile at anytime.

Agents and Talent can post or send one link connecting anyone directly to your Current Casting Profile and all of your past work and videos.

Agents can use individual images in their own custom presentations.

Images can be used independently for additional promotion. 

Any image can be enlarged for you to make a new headshot, commercial or theatrical print.

Industry Professionals looking for Talent can easily save and share your profile.

All Agents are contacted directly by Clients - Current Casting charges no commission.

Private appointments are scheduled at your convenience.


An Unlimited Personal Portfolio

Simply login to your profile from your personal computer and start uploading your book!
Change out your photos and add new ones whenever you desire. There's plenty of room for your entire portfolio.

Now every client can easily view all of your past work!

Add videos, too, because they're also included!

Show off your past film and commercial work, add a monologue or demo reel, and let every client see you in action. Change out your videos whenever you like! 

Send out or post the link to your entire portfolio and immediately connect anyone to all of your past work, along with your complete casting profile!

There are no additional fees and your portfolio is completely controlled by you! 



Be Connected Anytime, Anywhere

Online for Everyone or Sent to Anyone

A Complete Profile with more information than a traditional casting or any other online resource.

Main Casting Images + A Video Casting + Additional Looks
An Unlimited Portfolio for all past work with both still and video formats.
All Agency contact Information, Resume, Skills, and Specifications

Agents can send your complete casting profile directly to any Client, providing them with the most important information they need when looking for Talent.

All Industry Professionals can view your profile online and see more than ever before right on their desktop and they can save your profile to a favorites folder for future consideration, and easily share it with other decision makers.

Available for Every Industry Professional to View or Receive! 

Agents, Clients and Contact

All Industry Professional have Immediate Access to Current Casting.

There is no charge to Clients, Agents or Industry Professionals to use Current Casting.

All Agents are listed with contact information and the type of representation they provide you.

All Clients contact your Agents directly.

Agents can send or post links to full profiles or use individual images in their own custom presentations, for promotion or to communicate with Clients.

Advertising Agencies, Design Firms, Directors, Photographers, Producers, Casting Directors and Clients can all view full profiles, and use the resources with nothing to complicate the process.

A Professional Casting plus full profiles that everyone can See, Send and Share and use to find You!

Join Current Casting

Getting started with Current Casting is easy. 

Review all the features and see how becoming a member of Current Casting will enhance your career by being included in an online casting with a professional Talent profile that is always available online for all Industry Professionals.


$275.00 Annual Membership 

Simply fill out and submit the Join Form and then Schedule an Appointment.

There is no payment due until your first appointment.

We look forward to going over all the advanced features of Current Casting and building a great profile with you!

Marketing Campaigns

Our campaigns provide you even more exposure!

Campaigns are sent to a wide range of Industry Professionals as we promote the entire casting directly to Advertising Agencies, Design Firms, Directors, Producers, Photographers and Casting Directors.

Our marketing is designed to put you directly in front of Clients with the most important information they need -- Updated casting images that show how you currently look along with all of your past work. A professional interface that's designed specifically for clients, always there and always ready when they need it.

We're not waiting for them to find us....we're bringing the talent directly to them!

The Current Casting Team

Our team has over 40 years of combined experience in casting and working with some of the world's best clients. We set out to build something truly innovative that would directly connect great talent to top clients. We designed Current Casting as an online resource that provides more exposure for talent than ever before and has everything a client needs to select talent online with confidence. Current Casting brings everything together in one place: full profiles, a complete portfolio of past work, and the most important element of all, current casting photos and video that show your current look and are available to clients anywhere in the world at any time.

                  We cast great talent for some of the world's best companies.

Target Coke Pepsi Anheuser-Busch Disney Microsoft Lexus Toyota AT&T IBM Bank of America Nike Volvo Levi Strauss T Mobile State Farm Sega GNC Audi Coors American Airlines Disney Kaiser Permanente Oshkosh Hyundai Alpo Verizon Canon Century 21 Sheraton Hotels Hilton Hotels Nissan Johnson and Johnson Compaq Computers Sprint Kraft Foods Toyota Target Subaru Eli Lilly Holland America Volkswagon Harley Davidson Ford Eli Lilly Acura Cisco  Revlon Kawasaki Avian American Express US Cellular Monarch Pepsi MTV Lincoln/Mercury Northern Trust Kenmore Fanta Wal Mart General Motors Verizon General Electric Blue Shield Kroger Wells Fargo Procter & Gamble Home Depot Walgreen's State Farm Comcast Pfizer Dell Computers Intel Loews Lockheed Martin Safeway Fed Ex Delta and many more.


Let every client see your current profile today!